We offer superb coffee and great food to our customers using Fairtrade and locally sourced products where possible. We also stock Fairtrade food and drink to buy.


2 Slices of Toast with
           butter/ jam/ honey/ marmite 0.75
2 Crumpets with
           butter/ jam/ honey/ marmite 1.25
Toasted teacake with
           butter/ jam/ honey 1.25
Cheese Scone with butter 1.50
Fruit Scone with
           butter and jam 1.50
           clotted cream and jam 1.75


Panini with mature cheddar cheese 3.00
           extra fillings ~ tomato/ onion 0.50
ham/ tuna 1.00
Ploughman’s Lunch
           choice of mature cheddar, brie or ham 4.50
Sandwiches on wholemeal or white bread 3.00
           choice of fillings ~ egg mayo,
cheese & onion,
cheese & tomato
brie and grape,
tuna mayo
Jacket potato with 1 filling 3.00
           each extra filling 0.50
           choice of fillings ~ baked beans
cheese & onion
tuna mayo
Soup and a roll 2.50
Childrens’ lunch box 2.50
           includes small sandwich, snack bar,
           piece of fruit, carton of drink


Cafetiere of Freshly Ground Coffee 1.50
Milky Coffee 1.50
Instant Coffee 0.75
Pot of Tea for One 1.25
Pot of Speciality Tea for One 1.35
Hot Chocolate Small 1.30
Large 1.80
with Cream & Marshmallows; extra 0.20
Milkshake 1.00
Cans 0.75
Cartons 0.75
Glass of Squash 0.30
Bottle of Posh Pop 1.50


Bacon roll 2.50
Croissant with butter and jam 1.00
Toasted teacake 1.25
Piece of fruit from fruit bowl 0.50